Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trends to ditch!

We're all about adorable one-piece suits. And who doesn't love an itsy bitsy bikini? But monokinis are the Frankenstein of swimwear—a science experiment gone awfully awry.
Just like crop-tops and cut-out dresses, when you wear a monokini you risk some serious skin spillage. Also, isn't half the point of wearing a bathing suit so you can lay out in the sun? Clearly the monokini was poorly designed, because you're bound to get random splotches of tan-line (or sunburn... ouch).
Mullet hemlines
Mullet hemlines—or high-low (or asymmetrical if you want to be fancy)—are dead to us. A little asymmetry is always interesting and flattering, but a dramatic drop in the hem makes you look like you have a mullet on your tush—and who wants a mullet on their tush?!
Wedge sn
The same argument against flatforms generally goes for sneaker wedges as well. If you want to wear sneakers, great! There are plenty of super cool high-top kicks waiting to be worn. And if you want to wear wedges, we know there are a bunch of pretty options out there on the market. But sneaker wedges just look like puffy marshmallows on your feet that generally don't flatter. And the Velcro! Please. Stop.